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Public Diplomacy 20 Library Wishlist

Page history last edited by Katherine Tobin 14 years, 2 months ago

Library Wishlist


Basically, we want something more advanced and somewhat more structured than delicious (with a strong focus on group collaboration) but less ridgid and for a wider media scope than an academic citation tool (like CiteULike).


Here are my desired features:

  • Collaborative, multi-user
  • Automatic tagging (keyword extraction)
  • Plug-in architecture (or easy to change base coding, e.g. open-source)
  • Distributed login (OpenID or connects with an existing user DB, such as Wordpress)
  • Multimedia (web pages, video, audio, presentations, books, scholarly publications, etc)
  • Can handle uploads, primarily text documents (PDFs, DOC, XLS, etc, but possibly also video/images)
  • Some set fields/tag types (author, language, media type, etc)
  • Statistics (views, click-throughs, etc)
  • Comment on entries
  • API

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