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"Public Diplomacy 2.0" ( Working Document



Public Diplomacy 2.0 ( seeks to document the use of, and provide editorial commentary on web 2.0 and social media technologies in the practice of public diplomacy and cultural relations. PD will represent opinions and present examples from a wide range of public and private institutions from around the world. Through interviews with practitioners and thought leaders, analysis of examples in practice, how-to articles, press digests and other sourced and original content, PD's goal is to become a central source for information on Public Diplomacy 2.0.


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The primary audience of is international public diplomacy practitioners in government, NGOs and businesses. They will either be actively engaged in public diplomacy or supporting PD projects of other organizations.



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Have this evolve with user contributions.


Definitions of Public Diplomacy 2.0


Darren Krape ( Public diplomacy 2.0 is the use of new media (web 2.0, social media) to listen, engage and influence foreign publics, either by a government (public diplomacy) or by citizens (citizen diplomacy) in order to create a favorable environment for achieving national security, political, cultural and economic objectives. (Liberally stolen borrowed from